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3 & 4 April

The House and the William Robinson Gallery will be closed to visitors on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 April in preparation for an Official Event.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Governor's Staff

The governor had his own personal staff to assist him carry out his vice-regal duties. As young men of a respectable background and good education, the Aide de Camp and the Private Secretary (sometimes both roles were filled by the one employee) lived at Government House ‘as a member of the family’, but with their own rooms in the rear wing of the House.

The Aide de Camp was the ‘controller of the household’. He was responsible for managing all the governor’s social duties, arranging invitations and being his special attendant at public functions and occasions. Although he did not have his own servant, he was entitled to the services of one of the footmen and the mounted orderlies whenever required.

The role of Private Secretary was to assist the governor in the administration of his executive authority over the colony. Although parliament and the premier were largely in control of the political process, the governor had the ultimate say over most decisions and was also responsible for helping draft legislation. The Private Secretary briefed the governor on issues concerning the colony, sat in on meetings, accompanied him to ceremonial events and helped him manage paperwork and correspondence.