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3 & 4 April

The House and the William Robinson Gallery will be closed to visitors on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 April in preparation for an Official Event.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Old Government House Gift Shop

Old Government House Gift Shop

OGH Greeting Cards (pack of 6)   $8.00

Lamington Tea Towel   $8.00

OGH Mug   $3.00   Limited time only. See Special Offer.

OGH Tote Bag   $3.00

OGH Postcards   $1.00

OGH Magnet   $1.00

Special Offer

OGH tote bag, OGH mug, Lamington tea towel   $12.00

Special Offer: OGH mugs

1 mug     $3.00

4 mugs   $10.00

6 mugs   $16.00

Annette Pincham, Old Government House
e: ogh.enquiries@qut.edu.au   |   t: 07 3138 8005

April 2017