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The House and the William Robinson Gallery will be closed on Good Friday, and will be open 10am – 4pm on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.


The House and the William Robinson Gallery will be closed to visitors on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 April in preparation for an Official Event.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Director - Thom Browning

A director is someone who supervises all the artistic aspects of a show. So, Thom worked with David, the writer, to help create the show, and then worked with everyone, including the actors and sound technicians, to help bring the show to life. Thom and Fiona work together to run Imaginary Theatre Company.

Thom is a Brisbane based multidisciplinary artist and producer. He is a graduate of QUT Creative Industries having majored in Performance Studies. Over the past eleven years Thom has worked in Australia and Asia as a director, performer, devisor, sound and video designer, composer, musician, DJ, VJ, facilitator and producer.

Thom is a founding member and the incoming Artistic Director of Imaginary Theatre, an independent company creating performances and arts experiences for children. Thom's directorial debut for Imaginary, 'Look', premiered in 2012 and has since toured to ASSITEJ Korea Summer Festival in Seoul, South Korea, and AHA! Festival For Children in Bangalore, India and will perform at the 'Come Out Children's Festival' in South Australia in May 2015.

Thom works freelance across multiple disciplines for organisations and individuals including Circa, LATT Children's Theatre (South Korea), Human Ventures, KITE Arts Education Program at QPAC, State Library of Queensland, deBase Productions, Motherboard Productions, Offset Art, Theatre Madame Bach (Denmark), Skye Gellman and Daniel Santangeli. In 2011 Thom took part in an invitational artist residency at Kijimuna Festa in Okinawa, Japan, one of Asia's largest children's festivals. In 2013 Thom completed a Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor's Young and Emerging Artist Fellowship, taking part in residencies and attending festivals in both Europe and Australia aimed at developing his skills as a director of theatre and arts experiences for children.

In 2015 Thom will debut 2 new performance works for children that he has directed   'The Voice in the Walls' at Old Government House in Brisbane and a new work for very young children in Denmark in April with Theatre Madame Bach.

Writer - David Burton

David wrote all the words for the show, and helped imagine the story. Sometimes a writer will work quite separately from a show, and simply deliver a script. Because of the nature of this show, David worked very closely with Thom, historians, and even the actors to help the show run smoothly and be as clear as possible to the audience.

David Burton is a writer from Brisbane, Queensland. He is best known for his award-winning theatrical work, including April's Fool. In 2014, he won the Text Prize for Children and Young Adults' Writing for his memoir How to be Happy, which will be published in 2015.

In 2014, David co-produced and co-wrote the critically acclaimed Hedonism's Second Album, premiering at La Boite Indie and published by Playlab Press. In the same year, he also directed Bald Heads and Blue Stars.

In 2013, David wrote the epic community musical Boomtown for Queensland Music Festival, the young adult sci-fi adventure Orbit for Queensland Theatre Company and The Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe, and two theatre-in-education pieces for the touring company The Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe. He also co-directed The Winter's Tale for the University of Southern Queensland's Shakespeare in the Park Festival, and performed in Oh, The Humanity. David also hosted To Glee or Not to Glee in Toowoomba for the third year running. He was also Associate Producer for the Brisbane Writers Festival.

David is also a podcaster, having co-presented Stuff and Things for twelve months with Carley Commens, where it became one of the most popular Arts podcasts in Australia on the iTunes charts. In 2013, David and Carley returned with House of Nerd, a weekly half-hour pop culture commentary show, immediately attracting a devoted following. David has applied his podcasting skills to companies such as Blackie McDonald to assist their internal communication.

David taught at the University of Southern Queensland for four years across theatre and literature subjects, and wrote and taught the Creative Writing minor.

David is also a professional editor and dramaturg, He has a Bachelor in Theatre Arts from USQ and a Masters in Creative Industries (Creative Writing) from QUT. In 2014 his achievements were recognised by the University of Southern Queensland, and he was awarded with Young Alumnus and Outstanding Alumnus of the Year.

Producer - Fiona MacDonald

A producer is someone who helps bring everything together. While Thom the director is in charge of all the artistic aspects of the show, Fiona's in charge of making sure everything else runs smoothly. This is a big job that covers everything from making sure the show works financially, to making sure everyone turns up on time, to helping with props being in the right places. Fiona also helped a lot with the story. Thom and Fiona work together to run Imaginary Theatre Company.

Fiona is a Brisbane based arts worker specializing in the engagement of children and young people in the arts. She is a co-founder and the General Manager/Executive Producer of Imaginary Theatre and has worked as producer, administrator, stage and production manager for Imaginary since 2006.

Fi has also worked as a producer for Brisbane Festival, Brisbane City Council, Contact Inc, The State Library of QLD, QLD Music Festival and as a tutor for QUT Performance Studies faculty. As a freelance event manager she has delivered events and tours with Human Ventures (G20 Cultural Celebrations 2014), Mother Board Productions (Underground), Bella Shanley, Brisbane City Council, and The Dreaming Festival, and has also worked Internationally with QUT and LATT children's theatre as a teacher and tour manager. Fiona has a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama) from QUT.

Composer - Joff Bush

Joff is a composer, which means he writes music. So every time you hear music in the show, Joff has written it. When you think about it, that's a lot of music! Joff also performed all of the music and recorded it in his studio. Without music, the show would not have a lot of atmosphere, and it wouldn't be nearly as exciting.

Joff Bush is a mammal with reddish hair and a musical disposition. His work can be spotted amongst many different mediums including theatre, films, audiobooks, documentaries, commercials, games and a bunch other things. Joff's recent scores include music for the television series, 'The Strange Calls', 'Maximum Choppage' and the Emmy award winning '7 Days Later'. Recent major stage work includes ABC RN / Sydney Opera House's 'Radio with Pictures' and 'Wael Zwaiter: Unknown'. In 2014, he was lucky enough to be named one of ASCAP's 'Composers to Watch' and won Best Score at the Long Island Film Festival. Joff studied piano and composition at the Queensland Conservatorium and AFTRS where he developed a very nerdy interest in the musical dramaturgical techniques of post-war Japanese cinema. www.joffbush.com

Dramaturgs - Mark Radvan and Nadine McDonald-Dowd

Dramaturgs are people who work in theatre to make sure a script is the best it possibly can be. This means making suggestions to the writer or director to help makes things clear for an audience. For this show, Nadine also helped with a great deal of historical information, particularly around indigenous people.

Mark Radvan is Imaginary Theatre's founding Artistic Director. He is a Lecturer in Performance Studies and a Theatre Director at the Queensland University of Technology, lecturing in Acting and Directing, a position he has held since 1984. He is the former Artistic Director of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre's Out of the Box Festival for 3 to 8 year olds, where he lead two festivals in 2006 and 2008. He has also taught Acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. A graduate of NIDA, he has directed over seventy theatre productions, most of them in Brisbane, for QUT, La Boite Theatre, Brisbane Festival, City Theatre, Imaginary Theatre and others.

Historian - Katie McConnel

Katie works in Old Government House and is a historian, which means she spends a lot of time uncovering the House's many stories and secrets. Katie knows a lot about the house and helped David and Thom make sure the show was historically accurate.

As the historian and curator for Old Government House, Katie is responsible for researching and developing the various museum displays that tell the stories of the House, and of the people who lived and worked here!

In 2012 Katie was awarded the Copland Foundation, Alex Copland Attingham Scholarship to attend the 61st Attingham Summer School for the study of historic houses and collections in Britain. Each year the Copland Foundation selects one Australian to attend the Attingham Summer School which has an established international reputation for academic excellence. Katie has put into action the knowledge and experience she gained on the Summer school, in two projects the re-furnishing of the Governor's Library as an education centre and in the development and production of an engaging historical drama for children.

A passionate advocate for the history, and the heritage sectors Katie endeavours to make history engaging for the community. She is an active board member of Queensland's key heritage and historical societies/organisations. Through her exhibitions, writing, tours and public talks, Katie makes Queensland history, the history of Old Government House and the remarkable lives of key 19th century vice-regal women more broadly accessible and captivating for visitors of all ages!

Costume Designer - Rosa Hirakata

The costume designer is in charge of what the actors wear in a show. For The Voice in the Walls the costume designer needed to do historical research to make sure Mrs. Fitzgerald and Governor Lamington looked just like they would've from 1896. Then the costume designer needed to work with our actors to make sure the costumes fit perfectly. Next time you see the show, keep an eye out for the costumes. You may notice they're quite thick and layered, and not especially brilliant for Brisbane summer heat!


Sound Technician - Thanthip 'Tang' Oudomvilay

Where normal theatre shows might rely intensely on set, this show relies a lot on sound. Tang's job is massive. He looks after all of the technical elements to make sure that everyone can hear the show, the actors, and each other. To get a better idea of just how big Tang's job is, take a look at the How the show works page.

Tang Oudomvilay is a Brisbane based audio engineer who works across theatre, music and television. His background is in music composition and performance which informs his passion for recording and mixing sound.

Since 2008, Tang has worked with numerous national and international theatre productions and music concerts including international tours and festivals. Tang is also a passionate and meticulous recorder and mixer of sound who has worked on albums and film clips with local musicians and has worked with national broadcasters Screen Australia on music mixing an upcoming ABC television series. Tang is the audio operator for 'The Voice In The Walls' who has worked on the show from the developmental stages to assist in the realisation of the shows audio immersive production.

Stage Manager - Maddie Nixon

In any theatre show, the stage manager is a person who 'calls' the show. This means they watch the show every time, and tell people like the sound technician when to press a button that will make a sound happen, or the actors when to get on to stage, and manages the assistant stage managers. Because of the nature of this show, Maddie looks over the entire show, including the audience, to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Maddie has undertaken a variety of production and stage management roles in Brisbane. Her credits include Stage Manager: Queensland Theatre Company's Saison De Lamour, the 2014 Queensland Premier's Drama Awards, La Boite Indie's Hedonism's Second Album, Awkward Conversation's Medea Redux and The 2014 King George Square Lighting of the Christmas Tree. Assistant Stage Manager: Queensland Theatre Company's Black Diggers. Project Coordinator: Artslink Queensland's Eudlo Dreaming and Liesel Zink's The Stance.


If you've seen the show and watched closely, you may have spotted some grown-ups with headphones occasionally following you around. They're the production assistants, or assistant stage managers as they're more usually called. They're the ultimate ghost ninjas. They set props when no one is looking and secretly follow you around to make sure you're heading in the right direction. If you were ever lost or in trouble, they'd be able to help you out and make sure you experience the show as well as possible.

Damian Tatum is an incoming 3rd Year Bachelor of Fine Art's student, Majoring in Drama. Over the past two years of study, Damian has sought to expand his horizons, working in areas such as directing, performance design (lighting, sound). The results of his immersion have sparked interests in the areas of children's theatre and immersive theatre works. Damian has free-lanced across a variety productions supported by Vena Cava Productions and QUT supported works. In 2015, Damian has been elected as Vena Cava Productions' incoming Head of Production and been gifted an Internship with Imaginary Theatre starting in November of 2014.

Tom is a second year student at the Queensland University of Technology studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama). Tom has performed in The Toxic Smoke (Vena Cava Productions: Capillaries and Arteries 2013), Heart to Heart (Medicare Local 2013-14), and QUT Playbox (Out of the Box 2014), he is also involved in film production having been the editor for Emerging Artists: The Beginning (QUT 2014), the sound operator for A Sirious Relationship (QUT 2014) and the cinematographer for Possessed (dir. Nevin Howell 2015). Tom hopes to continue honing his passion for children's theatre, as he wishes to further explore his interests in performing and dramaturgy.

Madeleine Price is in her third year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Drama degree at QLD University of Technology. Minoring in dance Madeleine is studying to be a multidisciplinary artist and theatre maker. Combining choreography and visual, immersive based theatre Madeleine wants to explore what it is to tell a story and present meaning to an audience through movement. Working as a dance instructor and freelance choreographer on the Sunshine Coast Madeleine hopes to merge her passion for dance, theatre and education to create work that inspires wonder and imagination.

In 2014 Madeleine performed and facilitated the QUT Playbox space at the Queensland Performing Arts Centres Out of the Box Festival, sparking her passion for children's theatre. She has performed in a multitude of shows including, Frank Sparrow (QUT), Les Miserables (BATS), Suessical, and has danced and worked professionally on American cruise liners Carnival Splendour and Sprit as well as in Disney Land Anaheim, working under the renowned choreographer Sheona Bell.

Ellie is heading into her third year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama, minoring in Entertainment and Performance, Events and Festivals. Ellie aspires to pursue a career as a multidisciplinary artist, with specific interests in producing, directing and children's entertainment. At university Ellie is a Vena Cava Ambassador and an active member of the QUT Dance Society. Her real passion for children's entertainment flourished after working and co-creating Play Box Theatre for the Out of the Box Festival. Over the years Ellie has gained experience and skills after featuring in and collaboratively contributing to two Riot Stage theatre performances, volunteering for several Imaginary Theatre shows, featuring in short films created by QUT and Griffith Film students and from undergoing workshops in Sydney with the Kevin Spacey Foundation.


THE VOICE ACTORS - Maximo Fatica & Kayla Robinson

The voices of Mary and Victor were recorded by actors up to two months ago. This means they aren't in the House when the show happens. Because this show has so many directional instructions, we had to record them several times, as our test audiences helped us to realise which directions could be better explained.

13 year old Max enjoys all kinds of acting, he has performed in stage productions, tv commercials, music videos, television and more than five films. He also enjoys Parkour and Basketball.

Kayla graduated High School in 2014, her role as Mary in The Voice in the Walls is her first professional engagement.

Kayla has completed Level 2-8 AMEB Speech and Performance examinations, achieving 4 High Distinctions and 3 Honours. She has also taken part in a number of workshops, studying Voice and other workshops at QTC's Theatre Residency Weeks, as well as short courses with NIDA, VCA, Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, AFTRS and a presenting course with Channel Seven as part of their Media Potential Program. Kayla was a member of the Queensland Theatre Company Youth Ensemble in 2013 and 2014 and she is looking forward to studying Theatre and Performance at University in 2015.

THE LIVE ACTORS - Chenoa Deemal & Kieran Law

In a normal theatre show, actors are given a script, they go into rehearsal and then perform. This show works a little differently, as the actors have to be able to improvise (or make up on the spot) some lines because of one unexpected element - you! Every audience is different, so Kieran and Chenoa need to stay in character and try and think quickly. They perform this show up to three times a day.

Chenoa graduated a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) at Queensland University of Technology in 2014. Recently she has played Kattrin in Queensland Theatre Company's Mother Courage, directed by Wesley Enoch. Chenoa has concluded a five month national tour of 'Rainbow's End' for the Riverside Theatre Company in 2011. In which she played Dolly Banks alongside Lillian Crombie, Christine Anu and Garth Holcombe, Directed by Craig Ilott. In 2010 she travelled to Canada to film 'Splatalot' with Marble Media in association with BBC and ABC Australia which airs on ABC3. Previously she played the lead character Dawn in Red Sanctuary by Tamara Whyte which had its season at the Metro Arts Sue Benner Theatre in Nov 09. Her professional debut was in Sydney as Dolly Banks in Riverside Theatre Company's first production of Rainbow's End by Jane Harrison. Previous performances include The Works of William Shakespeare by Chicks by Leah Pellinkhof for the Centre Stage Artist Development Program and Transit by Tamara Whyte for QPIX.

She has also worked as an actor in the script development of Seven Deadly Gins with Leah Purcell as the Dramaturge.

Kieran Law is an actor and theatre-maker currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. His work as a performer and maker spans contemporary theatre, circus, physical theatre and dance. He's recently returned from Israel – where he studied movement and choreography with Batsheva Dance Company. Previously, he's studied at QUT and the Southbank Institute and undertaken further studies in Korea and Indonesia.

Previous credits include: A Midsummer Night's Dream (La Boite), Or Forever Hold Your Peace/Mobo Productions, Angel Gear/Pentimento Productions, The Truth about Kookaburras/Pentimento Productions (La Boite Indie), Room 328/Genevieve Trace and Daniel Santangeli, The Timely Death of Victor Blott/Dead Puppet Society, Several Words Associated with Revenge/Daniel Santangeli, Transverse Fracture of the First Metacarpal/Co-created with Genevieve Trace (Metro Independents) and Blindscape/Co-created with Skye Gellmann (2012 Nextwave Festival).

Kieran's work has helped secure Greenroom Award nominations for Room 328 (Best Ensemble Cast, 2011) and Blindscape (Excellence in Circus, 2012). In 2009, he was nominated for a Best Emerging Artist Matilda Award. Independent of his artistic career, he is obsessed with coffee and is presently considering entering the World Barista Championships.