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The House and the William Robinson Gallery will be closed on Good Friday, and will be open 10am – 4pm on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.


The House and the William Robinson Gallery will be closed to visitors on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 April in preparation for an Official Event.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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The Voice in the Walls is a show that's experienced almost entirely through headphones. At different times, the audience receives instructions through their headphones.

But one of the most exciting elements of the show is that different audience members receive different instructions at different times. So while one group may be told to go left, another group may be told to go right, with each group experiencing completely different stories and experiences. Then the groups come back together.

When you start the show, you're given a pack and a set of headphones. This pack is a little radio receiver. It receives radio waves that are being transmitted from inside the House. So in the back of the House, in a room you never see, our sound technician has basically created his own mini radio station. In fact, he's created five mini radio stations.

At the start of the show, the pack you're given has been tuned into one of these five stations. Just like adjusting the radio in your car to hear different channels, your pack is tuned in to just one channel. So when our sound technician presses 'go', you receive the recordings that tell the story of The Voice in the Walls.

At the start of the show, all channels hear exactly the same thing. But pretty soon it branches off, and a few channels are instructed to go and meet Mrs. Fitzgerald, while another group go and hide from the Governor. This gets even more complicated later in the show, when the audience has to find the law. There are five separate channels, each with their own little journey, to help pick up a piece of the law. You would have to see the show five times to experience absolutely everything that's been created.

Our sound technician and stage manager are in this back room for all of the show, and at any time they can listen to wherever anybody is up to. It's like they're trying to listen to five radio stations all at once!

There's plenty that can go wrong, but through our rehearsal process, we worked with a handful of test audiences to see what would break the show. We learnt a lot from those tests, and were constantly fiddling with the script and technical elements to make it just right.

We hope you enjoyed the show!