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Lady Diamantina Roma Bowen

Lady Diamantina Bowen Tours

Due to popular demand, Lady Diamantina Bowen History Tours will return in 2020.

Become acquainted with one of Queensland's most influential women, Lady Diamantina Roma Bowen. A woman renowned for introducing a sense of elegance into the new colony and for establishing the social and cultural blueprint for the growing Brisbane community.

Queensland's impressive First Lady (1859 – 1868) makes a return to see how Brisbane's journey has progressed since she laid some of its most vital social cornerstones. She will give a rich insight on life in early Brisbane.

You'll connect with Lady Diamantina on a more personal level over morning or afternoon tea as she hosts you exclusively on her private verandah.

Be inspired by Natalie's interpretation of Queensland's First Lady, Lady Diamantina Roma Bowen, as she gives you an exclusive and insightful tour of Old Government House.

Natalie Cowling: Brisbane's time traveller

Natalie is a professional and seasoned musician and actor, with an immense passion for storytelling and local history. She has led historical tours around the city as some of Brisbane's most influential women including Anna Wickham and Rosa Caroline Praed.

April 2019

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