Four-legged residents

Each Governor had at least one pet during their six-year term in Queensland. Pets helped to create a homely environment in what was a remote home away from home. The Bowen children had to make do with the regular stays at Government House of Premier Robert Herbert's six dogs Hop, Skip, Loasy, Dido, Flora and Tippo. While Governor Blackall's dog Soda was in attendance for many of the family photographs, and the Kennedys were fond of horses, it was the Lamingtons who collected the largest menagerie of animals during their time in Queensland. In addition to three dogs: Torrocks, an Irish terrier; Bousquir, a Scotch terrier; and 'Ting Gow', a 'Chow' dog, the family had a kangaroo, several horses and birds including cockatoos, magpies and a cassowary that ate whole apples.